a Hacky Workaround

As of June 2023, we do not yet have hexagons as one of our quilt grid layouts. But there is a bit of a hack or workaround that we could recommend if you're interested - use the Equilateral Triangle grid!

01 | Create the Hexagon Grid

First we'll need to set up a quilt grid that can create hacked hexagons.

  1. On the QUILTS dashboard, click on the Create Quilt button.

  2. In the pop-up window, scroll to the bottom for the Equilateral Triangle grid and enter the dimensions of one side of your hexagon as the block width. In this example, I'm setting the width to 1".

    • NOTE: The other dimension will automatically set in reference to the first number.

  3. Click on the Use This Grid button.

  4. On the left hand control panel, click on the GRID tab.

  5. Enter the number of columns and rows you'd like to have for your quilt.

    • NOTE: You can always change these at a later time.

    • NOTE: As you update the # of columns and rows, the overall quilt dimensions will be updated.

02 | Hack a Hexagon

Now that we've created the Equilateral Triangle grid, we can visually create a hacked hexagon.

  1. On the quilt grid, click on 6 equilateral triangles cell blocks to create a hexagon.

  2. Click on the BLOCKS tab.

  3. Then click on the + sign next to 1 Patch Blocks.

  4. Click on the Add to Quilt button next to the color tag you'd like to use for that hexagon.

  5. After deselecting (clicking outside the quilt grid), you will now see a hacked hexagon.

  6. Repeat steps 02.1-4, to create more hacked hexagons.

03 | Additional Tips

a | Adding More 1 Patch Blocks

If you need to add more color options, click on the Make a 1 Patch Block button. An additional 1 Patch Block will be added.

  • NOTE: This action will also create a new corresponding Color Tag.

b | Edit the Solid Color of a 1 Patch Block

  1. Click on the Edit Block button next to the color tag you'd like to change.

  2. Click on the color swatch for the new color you'd like to use.

    • NOTE: This action will also change the color tag AND it will update all blocks that uses that color tag as well.

c | Using Printed Fabric on a 1 Patch Block

  1. Click on the Edit Block button next to the color tag you'd like to change.

  2. Click on the PRINTS tab.

  3. Click on the Select button for the printed fabric you'd like to use.

  4. Scale the fabric to 400 so that it is at the accurate scale for the block size.

  5. Now you'll see the fabric being used on the hexagon instead of a solid.

    1. NOTE: Since this is a hacked hexagon, you'll see a division between each of the triangles, instead of one continuous, solid hexagon shape.

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