Designer Quilt Coloring Pages

Market Plan Feature

ATTENTION: Please do not share a digital coloring page of someone else's quilt without their permission! Quilt patterns are copyright protected and we require the designer's permission to publish their quilt as a digital coloring page.

PreQuilt Digital Coloring Pages

A PreQuilt Digital Coloring Page is an online interactive coloring page of a quilt design. Using PreQuilt's color tags, a quilter can quickly and realistically visualize a designer's quilt design using different colors or fabrics than the provided cover quilt.

As the starting point, the quilt designer can preset a digital coloring page using the same fabrics as the cover quilt. But when a quilt maker uses the digital coloring page, they can update and change the fabrics to ones they'd like to use without altering the design of the quilt.

Once fabrics for the quilt have been selected by the maker, an image of the quilt and the fabric swatches being used can be downloaded and printed for reference when shopping and sewing.

If the quilter has not already bought the quilt pattern, there is also a Call to Action (CTA) button built into each digital coloring page that directs people to the quilt designer's online shop to buy the pattern.

Value of Digital Coloring Pages

As you can image, there is great value in being able to preview all the potential different fabrics long before cutting into them. Your customers will benefit greatly from being able to quickly visualize your quilt design using their own fabrics and colors.

Feedback we've received from quilters about digital coloring pages:

  • Seeing is believing and they get excited to get started once they've picked all their fabrics.

  • They have confidence that their version will also look amazing and that they've chosen the right fabrics for the pattern.

  • With the cutting and assembly information provided in the pattern, they hit the ground running and are more likely to finish the quilt.

  • They love using the downloaded quilt map to help keep them organized during the quilt making process. No more accidentally flipped blocks!

About Creating a Digital Coloring Page

It's super quick and easy to create a digital coloring page in PreQuilt!

First, you'll need to create (or recreate) your quilt design in PreQuilt. Once that's completed, one click of a button will convert your quilt design into an interactive digital coloring page that maintains all the same logic found in the quilt pattern instructions. You can customize your digital coloring page URL as well as add additional information about the quilt.

Once created, you can feature your digital coloring page on both the main PreQuilt Market page as well as your own personal PreQuilt profile page.

PreQuilt Pricing

Creating digital coloring pages is a Market Plan feature and a PreQuilt subscription can be bought on a monthly ($10 USD/mo) or annual ($100 USD/yr) basis. A quilt designer can create an unlimited number of quilts and can keep ideas and WIPs private until they're ready to launch!

Once a digital coloring page is created, it is free for others to use. If the user has a PreQuilt subscription, a copy of the digital coloring page can also be saved to their account for future editing or use.

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