Quilt Image with Gridlines

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PRO TIP: A printed copy of your quilt design with gridlines becomes an excellent quilt map for when you're piecing!

Quilt Image with Gridlines

Being able to download and print off a picture of your quilt top with gridlines and numbered columns/rows makes piecing your quilt top a much easier and less confusing process.

It's easy to add gridlines and colunm/row numbers to your quilt image to make a quilt map.

How to Download Your Quilt Image with Gridlines

  1. In the pop-up window, click on the Show Options button.

  2. A box of options will appear below. Click on the checkbox next to Grid Lines and then click on the Update button.

  3. Once the image loads, click on the Download the Design button.

  4. A JPG of your block name legend will download onto your computer.

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