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Randomize Fabrics

Did you know that there's a feature where you can randomize printed fabrics on your Color Tags? Yep! You can randomize fabrics using a Fabric Pull instead of only randomizing solid color swatches.

A Fabric Pull is a collection of solid and/or printed fabrics swatches grouped together. Fabric pulls can be curated by yourself or recreated in PreQuilt from existing fabric collections.

The first step is to create a custom Fabric Pull which will be the source the randomize feature will pull the fabrics from. Once a fabric pull has been created, you can use it to randomize.

1 | Create a Fabric Pull

  1. Click on the Fabric Pull tab on the main Dashboard.

  2. Click on the Create Fabric Pull tile.

  3. On the left side box, there are two tabs - Solids and Fabrics. On the right side box, is the new Fabric Pull to be created.

  4. To add solids to your fabric pull, click on the dropdown menu (in the left side box) and select the manufacturer's solid color card.

    • In this example, I selected Paintbrush Studio's solids.

  5. Then click on the colors you'd like to include in your fabric pull.

    • Note: You will notice that they are added to the right side box.

  6. To add printed fabrics, click on the Fabrics tab.

    • Note: You will then see tiles for all the printed fabrics you've added to PreQuilt.

  7. Click on the Select button on all the fabric tiles you'd like to add to your fabric pull.

    • Note: You will notice that they are added to the right side box.

  8. Give your fabric pull a name and click on the Save button.

2 | Randomize Using a Fabric Pull

Now that we've created a Fabric Pull, we can now use it to randomize our Color Tags using printed fabric swatches.

  1. From the Quilt Dashboard, open the quilt you'd like to work on.

    • Note: In this example, the quilt looks like this before using the randomize feature.

  2. Click on the RANDOMIZE tab on the left side control panel.

  3. Click on the three dots next to the Colors button.

  4. Select Randomize using your Fabric Pull (Kona) option from the dropdown menu.

  5. Click on the Select button for the Fabric Pull we'd like to use to randomize the color tags.

    • Note: In this example, I used the Fabric Pull called "Prints". The pop-up window will close.

  6. Click on the Colors button.

    • Note: The color tags in the block will now be updated to randomly used printed fabrics that are in the fabric pull we created.

  7. Click on the Colors button as many times as you'd like to continue randomly generating different printed fabric combinations.

    • TIP: As you find printed fabrics you like, lock the color tag.

    • Note: In this example, the quilt looks like this after using the randomize feature.

  8. Save the quilt once you find a randomized pull you enjoy.

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