Private Coloring Pages

Market Plan Feature // Great use case for keeping a coloring page private for pattern testers (before release day) or for exclusive content (like BOMs or support crews).

Why a Private Coloring Page?

There will be times when you'll want to keep a digital coloring page private. Use cases include:

  • Pre-launch: You might want to create a digital coloring page so that your testers can use it, but you don't want it available yet to the public.

  • Exclusive Content: If you have a support crew or you want to keep a coloring page only accessible to people who have bought the pattern.

Keep a Digital Coloring Page Private

To keep a digital coloring page content private, you follow the same steps to create the digital coloring page. But after you create it, do not add it to your profile page or to the PreQuilt Market Page. Simply exit the coloring page pop-up.

As you can see on my Quilt Dashboard, the quilt with its coloring page URL is here.

But it is not on either the PreQuilt Market Page or my Profile page.

Share a Private Coloring Page

So, if a private coloring page is nowhere to be found on the public PreQuilt Market Page or the public Designer Profile Page, how do you share it with your pattern testers or with your exclusive community?

You can share the private URL address that was customized for your coloring page with your desired audience!

  1. On the Quilts Dashboard, click on the hyperlink on your quilt's tile.

  2. The quilt's digital coloring page will load. Click on the URL in your browser's address bar.

  3. Copy the link and share it with your desired audience.

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