Basic & Market Plan Feature

The Tracer feature enables you to upload an image, put it in the background, and use as a guide for creating a quilt top or creating a quilt block. You can control the transparency of this image while using it as a guide and it does not show up in your final quilt.

Home is Where the Heart Is by Nancy C.

A few months ago, Nancy C. emailed us inquiring about a feature she was looking for. Was there a way to import an image for tracing? We had the capability to do that for a block, but not for an entire quilt. Well, what great feedback! Gar was able to figure out how to build out a quilt tracing feature and Nancy was able to use it to create this beauty of a quilt, 'Home is Where the Heart Is' by tracing a map! Well done! Thanks Nancy for the great feedback and idea!

You can use the Tracer feature when you're creating both a quilt and/or a quilt block.

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