Digital Coloring Pages Locations

Market Plan Feature

Unlimited Digital Coloring Pages

As a Market Plan subscriber, you can have an unlimited number of digital coloring pages and they can be saved and featured in three different places on PreQuilt:

  • Your private Account Dashboard -- Unlimited

  • Your public PreQuilt Profile Page -- Unlimited

  • PreQuilt public Market Page -- 10 featured coloring pages

Where Digital Coloring Pages are Located

There are three different places where digital coloring pages are located. Each of these locations have a different purpose.

Quilt DashboardProfile PageMarket Page




Coloring pages have private URLs to share

Customized landing page for only your coloring pages

Public marketplace for browsing featured coloring pages



Up to 10 featured coloring pages

a | Account Quilt Dashboard

Once you create a quilt and its corresponding digital coloring page, it will only be visible to you and anyone who has been given its unique URL. It is stored on your Quilt Dashboard.

Any quilt with a digital coloring page will have a hyperlink that will direct you to the digital coloring page. In the example below, the hyperlink is called decohills.

b | Profile Page

Your profile page on PreQuilt is a customized landing page where you can showcase all the digital coloring pages you'd like to share publicly. You can have an unlimited number of digital coloring pages saved here on your PreQuilt profile page.

  • TIP: This profile page is a great landing page to send your customers to so that they can view all your digital coloring pages. Include this URL in your patterns so that your customers can easily find all your digital coloring pages for all your quilt sizes.

c | PreQuilt Market Page

The third and most public place to showcase your digital coloring pages is on the PreQuilt Market Page. Here your digital coloring pages will mingle with other digital coloring pages and because this is a publicly shared space, we limit you to featuring up to 10 digital coloring pages.

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