Finding a Digital Coloring Page

Free to Use & Browse

a | Browse to Find a Digital Coloring Page

All quilt designers can share their profile and digital coloring pages on the PreQuilt Market Page. You can also use this page to browse or shop your next project!

  1. Browse the PreQuilt Market Page and find a quilt that you just cannot wait to make.

  2. Click on the Color This Pattern button to open the digital coloring page.

  3. You will be directed to that quilt's digital coloring page.

b | Search to Find a Quilt Designer

The other option is to use the search bar to quickly find the designer you're looking for.

  1. Type the name of the designer you're looking for in the Search bar. In this example, I'm searching for Suzy Quilts.

  2. Click on the Open button below the designer's profile picture.

  3. You will be directed to the designer's PreQuilt profile page. All their digital coloring pages will be stored here.

Learn how to use Solid Fabrics on digital coloring pages by clicking on the Next button below.

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