Fabric & Block Information

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Attention: If you are mocking up a quilt from a digital coloring page, you will only be able to download a list of fabrics being used. The block information will be kept hidden to protect designers' IP.

Fabric & Block Information

After designing your quilt and finalizing your fabric choices, it's really helpful to have something to take to the shop with you or to keep together with your quilt project as it progresses through the WIP phase.

You can print off a list of the fabrics being used in a project as well as information about the quilt blocks.

How to Download the Fabric & Block Information

This Help Guide will walk you through the process of downloading a JPG of your fabric choices and block information (if not a designer digital coloring page). Download your quilt design first in order to save or print it.

  1. Click on the Download image button on the center, vertical control panel.

  2. A pop-up will appear. Click on the Download the Colors + Blocks button on the right to download the fabric swatches and blocks used in the quilt.

  3. The JPG file will download onto your computer and can be found wherever your downloaded content is saved.

    • JPG (named 'prequilt_quilt_info.jpg' of colors and blocks used in the quilt

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