About this Help Guide


First off, full disclosure, this is a living document that we'll be adding to and revising as the software evolves and changes. If you stumble across something outdated or inconsistent, please be patient with us and forgiving.

We've done our best to create a good starting point for this Help Guide. But we're very human, so please email us (hello@prequilt.com) if you get confused or if there is a big, blatant mistake that we should fix asap. We very much appreciate your willingness to alert us so that we can fix and improve this living document.

Style Guide

We've done our best to be consistent with the formatting of this information. Here's what each of the formats mean:

  • Blue & Bold --> Call to action! Click on or do what is blue and bolded

  • Bold & Black --> FYI - Usually an important term or something important to note.

  • Blue & Italic --> Glossary term - Click on it for more information in the Glossary.

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