Quilt Image (JPG)

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Quilt Image (JPG)

The most popular downloaded piece of quilt information is a JPG of your quilt. This is an image of the quilt top only without any gridlines or block outlines.

Great use cases for this sharing on Instagram or sending to a friend you might be making a quilt for.

How to Download a Quilt Image

This Help Guide will walk you through the process of downloading a JPG for your quilt design. Download your quilt design first in order to save or print it.

  1. Click on the Download image button on the center, vertical control panel.

  2. A pop-up will appear. Click on the Download the Design button on the left to download the entire quilt.

  3. The JPG file will download onto your computer and can be found wherever your downloaded content is saved.

    • JPG, named 'prequilt_design - #####.jpg', of entire quilt:

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