Organize Coloring Pages (Folders)

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NOTE: The first quilt in line inside a folder will be the featured quilt pictured on the folder.

Organize using Folder System for Profile Page

If you have a lot of different quilt sizes and a lot of quilt patterns, your public profile page can quickly become busy and hard for your customers to navigate. We recommend using our new folder system to keep your patterns organized. (I'm using Lo & Behold Stitchery as an example).

  1. On the Quilt Dashboard, click on the Coloring Pages tile.

  2. To organize your Profile Page, click on the checkmark next to "Your Profile Page".

  3. Name your new folder and click on Save.

  4. In the Private Coloring Page area, click on the Add button for the digital coloring pages you want to add to this folder.

  5. Once it has been added to the Profile page, you can then drag and drop the tile into the new folder, Knitted Star.

  6. Click on the icon for your new folder to open it.

    • Note: You should see the number 4 inside the folder, which indicates that there are 4 digital coloring pages inside this folder.

  7. You can now organize the tiles by dragging and dropping them into the desired order.

    • ATTENTION: The first quilt in line will be the featured quilt pictured on the folder icon.

  8. Click on the Home Folder to go back to the main profile dashboard.

  9. Your profile page will now have folders like this:

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