Pattern Matching Fussy Cutting

Using a Static Print // For precise and seamless pattern matching

TIP: You do not need to load multiple copies of the same digital fabric swatch in order to fussy cut different images or pattern match. You can use the same digital fabric swatch multiple times (and differently) when it is used as a static fabric.

In this Help Guide, I'll show you how to use a digital fabric swatch as a static print (NOT a fabric link) to create seamless pattern matched fussy cutting. Since this is a static print, the digital fabric swatch will only be positioned this way once and it this specific piece of the quilt.

Pattern Matched Precision Fussy Cutting* is the targeted selection and cutting from fabric of a particular design used in different colorway fabrics that when cut and stitched together forms a seamless, unified image pieced together using multiple fabrics.

*Disclaimer - I'm no expert on quilting, so please forgive me if there's a better term for this type of fussy cutting.

Create Seamless Pattern Matched Fussy Cutting

In this example, I'm going to fussy cut different colorway fabric swatches of the same design to create a seamless, unified image pieced together using multiple fabrics.

Since I want to manipulate each patchwork piece separately and not repeatedly, I'm going to use the digital fabric swatches as static prints (and not fabric links).

  1. On the Block tab on the left side control panel, click on the Edit Block button for the desired quilt block.

  2. The Block Editor panel will slide out. Click on the piece of the block you want to fussy cut. Once it's selected, it will have a box outlining the piece.

  3. Currently, the piece is using a fabric link. Click on the Static Prints tab under Fabrics on the left side control panel.

  4. Scroll through the digital fabric swatches that you've already loaded and click on the Select button for the fabric you'd like to fussy cut.

  5. Once selected, a control panel will be revealed so that you can manipulate the position and rotation of the fabric swatch. This is what will control the fussy cutting.

  6. Now we can change the position of your fabric. Change the number for Move Top and Move Left until the flower is visible as desired in the quilt block piece.

    • TIP: If you hold the shift button and then press the up or down arrows on your keyboard, the numbers will increase or decrease in groups of ten. This will make the process a little faster.

    • NOTE: You might also need to Rotate the digital fabric swatch to be able to find the detail you'd like to fussy cut.

  7. Repeat steps 2-5 for the adjacent piece.

  8. Once selected, your newly selected fabric will be used in the block piece. Now, carefully change the number for Move Top and Move Left until the flower and leaves are pattern matching the first static fabric.

  9. Repeat steps 8-9 until all the pieces of your quilt block are fussy cut and pattern matching as desired.

  10. Click on the Save to Quilt button in the top right corner of the Block Editor to go back to the full quilt.

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