Repeating Fussy Cutting

Using a Fabric Link // To repeat the same fussy cut everywhere

ALERT: When a digital fabric swatch is used as a Fabric Link, its position and rotation is universal and the same in an entire quilt. You cannot fussy cut individual blocks differently using the same fabric link. Changes made to the Fabric Link will affect everything that uses it.

TIP: If you'd like to have different parts of a digital fabric swatch fussy cut, we'd recommend using your digital fabric swatch as a static fabric.

In this Help Guide, I'll show you how to fussy cut a digital fabric swatch when its being used in a Fabric Link. Because of its nature, a Fabric Link will behave the same everywhere it is used in a quilt. So by fussy cutting a digital fabric when it's being used in a Fabric Link, it repeat itself in every occurance. Sometimes this is intended (like in this example) and sometimes that's not intended. If that is not your intention - try the Help Guide for One-Off Fussy Cutting.

Create Repeating Fussy Cutting

In this example, the fabric being used has cute little bunnies that I’d like to visualize fussy cutting and using in a Kaleidoscope quilt.

Since it is a going to be a repeating fussy cut (meaning I want to make the SAME fussy cut multiple times), I'll be using a Fabric Link.

However, when I first select the digital fabric swatch, I cannot see the bunny in my block. To reposition the fabric to highlight the bunny, we’ll change the properties for the Top and Left position of the digital fabric swatch.

  1. Open the quilt you’d like to edit.

  2. Click BLOCKS tab on the left side control panel.

  3. Click on the Edit Block button for the block with the fabric you’d like to fussy cut.

  4. The Block Editor panel will slide out with the block. Click on the block component (patch or piece) that you’d like to link a digital fabric swatch to. It will be outlined in a box.

  5. On the left side control panel, click on the Edit button for the Fabric Link that you’d like to change.

  6. An edit panel will slide out from the left side with with the printed fabric swatch being used highlighted.

  7. Change the number for Move Top and Move Left until the bunny is visible in the quilt block piece.

    • TIP: If you hold the shift button and then press the up or down arrows on your keyboard, the numbers will increase or decrease in groups of ten. This will make the process a little faster.

    • NOTE: You might also need to Rotate the digital fabric swatch to be able to find the detail you'd like to fussy cut.

  8. Click on the Save to Quilt button in the top right corner of the Block Editor to go back to the full quilt.

  9. Here's a before and after of our quilt:

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