Find Printed Fabric Swatches


a | Download a Collection of Fabric Swatches

In this example, we're going to download some Ruby Star fabrics from Moda Fabrics. The steps are similar for all downloads, so adapt these steps to your situation.

  1. Go to the URL for the digital fabric swatch. In this example, I visited and filtered fabric collections by Sarah Watts.

  2. Download JPG images onto your computer (click icon in the JPG Images column). In this example, I downloaded the Firefly collection.

  3. Move and organize the downloaded files on your computer.

    • Tip: If you're well organized, you can easily find and import your newly acquired digital fabric swatches.

b | Download Individual Fabric Images

Sometimes it's not possible to find fabric swatches on the manufacturer's website (this is especially true for older fabrics). The next best thing it so find an image of the fabric online.

  1. Google the name of your desired fabric. It's helpful to search with as detailed of information as possible to find the correct fabric image. In this example, I searched for "Robert Kaufman Painterly Petals purple".

  2. Click on the desired fabric image to go to the website. In this example, I need to also click on Visit to get to the online shop.

  3. Right click on the desired fabric's image and select Open Image in New Tab.

    • Note: This will open only the fabric image in its own tab.

  4. Right click on the image and select Save Image As.

  5. Your computer's file system will pop-up. Save the image on your computer (where you'll be able to find it).

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