Import Printed Fabric Swatches

On the Fabric Dashboard

There are four different ways that you can import digital fabric swatches into your PreQuilt account. You can:

  1. Upload digital fabric swatches that are already saved on your computer

  2. Add digital fabric swatches from the linked quilt stores (linked on PreQuilt)

  3. Use a URL address for a digital fabric swatch that is online

  4. Upload photographs of your fabric to create your own digital fabric swatch (typically from your smartphone) -- COMING SOON

01 | Import from Computer

Once you have digital fabric swatches saved on your computer, you can import and save them in your PreQuilt Fabric Dashboard.

  1. Go to the main Dashboard by clicking on your Avatar and selecting Dashboard.

    • Alert: Don't forget to Save your quilt if you're working on one before exiting to the Dashboard.

  2. On the main Dashboard, click on the FABRIC tab.

  3. Click on Bulk Upload on the first tile.

  4. Your computer's file system will pop-up. Select the image(s) you want to use and click on Open.

  5. Your selected fabric swatches are now loaded into PreQuilt.

02 | Add via Linked Quilt Stores

  1. From the main Dashboard, click on the FABRIC tab. This will take you to the Fabric Dashboard.

  2. Click on the tile called 'Import from an online store'.

  3. Click on the 'Browse' button for your preferred online fabric store - I'm going to pick my local quilt shop, Fabric Spark, for this example.

    • Disclaimer: These are free collaborations with online fabric shops. Fabric swatches seen here are pulled from online shop stock inventory. If a fabric sells out, it may be removed from the shop by the owner.

    • Disclaimer: There is no cost to use or import these digital fabric swatches. PreQuilt also does not profit from the use of these swatches.

  4. Click on the 'Colors' tab to search fabric by color. Then click on the name of the color you're looking for.

    • Disclaimer: Each fabric shop organizes their fabric in different way. Not every shop has a search by color option.

  5. Click on the 'Save' button found under the printed fabric swatches you're interested in adding to your Fabric Dashboard. You can add as many as you'd like!

  6. Your Fabric Dashboard will now have all your imported printed fabric swatches.

03 | Import using a URL address

Using this method, you do not need to save the digital fabric swatch to your computer before importing it into your Fabric Dashboard. PreQuilt will use the URL address and save the image into your account.

  1. Find your fabric online. In this example, I’ll be adding Chubby Cheeks in Clover from Tula Pink.

  2. On the fabric image, right click and select Copy image address.

  3. Log into your PreQuilt account. Click on the Fabric tab on the top of your dashboard.

  4. On the first tile, click on the From URL text.

  5. In the URL text box, enter your image’s URL address (that you copied earlier in step 2).

  6. A preview of your fabric will appear. Click on the Save button.

  7. This digital fabric swatch has now been added to your fabric stash.

    • Note: The fabric swatch is highlighted in yellow which indicates that the width of the fabric swatch has not yet been set. Learn how to set the width in Edit Digital Fabric Swatches.

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