Use Preloaded Fabric Collections

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Browse & Add Preloaded Fabric Collections

We're excited to announce that we now have Suzy Quilts' fabric collections (and a selection of other fabric collections) preloaded in PreQuilt and they're ready and waiting for you to use them!

Follow these directions to browse the fabric collections preloaded in PreQuilt and add them to your account's fabric dashboard.

  1. Click on the Fabric Dashboard.

  2. Click on the Import from a Fabric Collection tile.

  3. Click on the Browse button for the fabric manufacturer you'd like to look at. In this example, I'll be looking at Art Gallery Fabrics, since I know that is who manufacturers Suzy's fabric.

  4. The Art Gallery Fabrics landing page will appear. Since she's the first designer from AGF on PreQuilt, Suzy Quilts is automatically highlighted.

  5. Click on the folder for the fabric collection you'd like to browse. In this example, I'm going to browse through Duval.

  6. The landing page for the Duval collection will appear.

  7. Click on the Add button for the fabric swatches you'd like to add to your account. Once the fabric swatch has been added to your account, the button will say Added.

  8. If you'd like to add the entire collection, click on the Add All button.

  9. You will be directed back to your fabric dashboard and you will see the fabric swatch(es) that you added to your account.

We hope you enjoy dreaming up all your quilt ideas using the printed fabric collections that are available on PreQuilt!

Fabric Collection not Preloaded?

If we don't have the digital fabric swatches preloaded on PreQuilt, not a problem, you can find them on the internet and add them yourself. Use the Help Guide link below:

Find Printed Fabric Swatches

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