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A Little About Static Fabrics

A Static Fabric in PreQuilt is a fabric that is not used in a Fabric Link. A Static Fabric is used in a particular block piece and remains fixed. The block piece that uses this fabric will not dynamically be updated or changed when features like the Color Randomizer is used.

The benefit of using a Static Fabric is that you do not need to create Fabric Links for fabrics you know you will not want to change. For example:

  • In a Panel Quilt: Where the panel is static and won't be effected by any dynamic changes

  • In Fussy Cut Blocks: Where you want to highlight a specific part of a printed fabric swatch for a particular block, but not everywhere else the fabric is used

If you're ever finding that a the fabric used in a quilt is not changing when you're expecting it to (like when using the color randomizer or when changing a Fabric Link), it probably is because that block piece is using a static fabric. The simple fix is to edit the quilt block and relink the block piece to the desired Fabric Link.

Any block piece that is disconnected from a Fabric Link will automatically use the default static fabric of Kona Duckling. This color is often a quick way to identify static fabrics being used unintentionally.

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