Fix a Static Fabric

Block Editor

A Note on a Broken Fabric Tag (Defaults to a Static Fabric)

Most of the time you will only notice that you're unintentionally using a Static Fabric when you change a Fabric Link or use the Color Randomizer and some of your block pieces stay the same color and do not automatically update.

This usually happens because you have unintentionally disconnected a block piece from its Fabric Link or never connected it to a Fabric Link to begin with.

Any block piece that is not using or is disconnected from a Fabric Link will automatically use the default static fabric of Kona Duckling. This color is often a quick way to identify static fabrics being used unintentionally.

In the below example, it's only when we change the solid fabric swatches connected to the quilt's Fabric Links that we notice that one block piece is not connected to Fabric Link A. On the right side, we can see that one corner block piece is static and so is not automatically being updated to the new Fabric Link A solid fabric.

Continuing with the example from above, I'll walk you through how you can fix the disconnected quilt block piece and relink it to its Fabric Link. This will change the connected fabric from a Static Fabric to a Fabric Link.

  1. On the left side control panel, click on the BLOCKS tab.

  2. Click on the Edit Block button for the quilt block you'd like to change.

  3. The Block Editor panel will slide out.

  4. Click on the block piece that you'd like to change and relink to a Fabric Link. When selected, there will be a light box outlining the selected block piece.

    • NOTE: You will also notice on the fabric panel that the tab Static Solids is being used, which is another indication that this piece is not linked to a Fabric Link.

  5. Click on the Fabric Links tab.

  6. Once relinked, you will notice that the corner block piece automatically updates to the solid fabric swatch Kona Capri, which confirms that it is now connected to Fabric Link A.

  7. Once fixed, you will now see the updated quilt.

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