Add a Block to Your Quilt

We'll show you 3 different Methods

Method #1 (most common)

Click on the desired cell(s) to select. When the cell turns blue it means it is selected. The animation shows how we've selected 5 cells.

Expand the Block Panel to see your blocks. Let's select the HST Block by clicking the "Add To Quilt" button. This will add the HST block to the 5 selected cells.

Method #2 (right clicking)

This alternative method for computer users only — Instead of using the "Add to Quilt" button, you can also add a quilt block to your selected quilt cell by right clicking on any of the selected cells.

  1. Click on the desired quilt cells.

  2. Right click on any of the selected cells.

  3. Rollover "Add Block" on the dropdown window.

  4. Images of the available blocks will become visible.

  5. Click on the desired quilt block to add it.

Method #3

Instead of selecting the cells first, you can select the HST block and then click on the cells to add. Press the escape key or click outside of the grid when you are done adding the HST block.

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