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When you create a Custom Block in PreQuilt, there are two different places you can save it:

  1. Inside a quilt project

  2. To your Block Stash

When a custom block is saved to a quilt project, it can only be used in that quilt. However, when a custom block is saved to your Block Stash, you can import and use it any quilt.

1 | Save Custom Block to Block Stash

First, you'll need to save your custom quilt block to your Block Stash.

  1. Either create a Custom Block or open a block you created previously (by clicking on the Edit Block button).

  2. From the dropdown menu, click on the Save to Stash option.

  3. You will exit back to the quilt you were working in, but it is now saved to your Block Stash.

2 | Import a Block from Your Block Stash

Now that your custom block has been saved to your Block Stash, you can now import and use it any of your quilts.

  1. Create a new quilt (or open a quilt you're working on).

  2. On the BLOCKS tab on the left side control panel, click on the Show More Options dropdown button.

  3. Click on the Load Blocks option.

  4. Click on the Your Block Stash tab.

  5. Click on the Add button on the block you'd like to import.

  6. It has now been added to the right side column. Click on the Import button.

  7. It will now be added to your quilt.

FAQ: Why do the colors from my custom block change once I import them into a new quilt project?

As you might have noticed in the tutorial above (importing a custom block from your block stash), the fabrics used in the saved custom block (gold printed fabric & black solid) change once they were added to the new quilt project (to grey and green). Why did that happen?

Because of the Color Tags! Because the block was created using color tags (in this case Color Tag A and Color Tag C), it will automatically update and use the fabrics assigned to Color Tag A and Color Tag C in the new quilt it is imported into.

If you want to keep the fabric as it is in the original custom block, you should edit the Color Tags to use the same fabrics in the original block.

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