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First PreQuilt Quilt

New to using PreQuilt? Let's start here!
Ribbon Quilt - Solid fabric & printed binding
Ribbon Quilt - Printed fabric & solid background
In this tutorial, you'll learn how to create your first quilt in PreQuilt. We'll walk you through all the steps from block building to binding.
In this example, I'll be using the Ribbon Star block to make this quilt following these steps:
  • Select your quilt grid
  • Import or design your quilt block
  • Choose your quilt fabric colors
  • Add blocks to quilt grid
  • Finessing your quilt (optional)
  • Add sashing (optional)
  • Add borders (optional)
  • Add binding
  • Using printed fabric swatches (optional)
  • Download quilt map, blocks & swatches
You'll learn the following: