03 Selecting Quilt Colors

// First PreQuilt Quilt //

Our Ribbon Star quilt progress:

Now that you've done some of the groundwork of creating the overall size of our quilt and deciding what block we'll be using, now let's color it in! Since this is an introduction, let's explain the easiest way to manipulate color in PreQuilt - Color Tags.

What is a Color Tag?

ALERT: When a Color Tag is changed (either from a solid to another solid - or from a solid to a printed fabric swatch), everything that is linked to that Color Tag will also change.

A color tag is a labeling device that allows you to tag and associate block pieces with a particular color. If you change the color of a color tag, all the pieces linked to that color tag will also change.

01 Setting Color Tags

TIP: You can rename the Color Tags to any name you like. A, B, and C are defaults.

In 02 Creating Quilt Blocks, we used 2 different color tags - A & B for our Ribbon Block, which are defaulted at Kona Haze and Kona Black, respectively. But say we want to use different colors, how would we change them?

  1. To change the color associated with Color Tag A, click on its 'Edit' button.

  2. Using the dropdown panel (down arrow), select your preferred fabric manufacturer. We have the solid fabric libraries loaded for most of the major fabric manufacturers. For this example, I'll use the Free Spirit line.

  3. Click on the square of color you'd like to link to Color Tag A. For this example, I'd like to select Marigold.

  4. The window will automatically close once you select your new color for Color Tag A.

  5. Repeat Steps 01.2-4 for Color Tag B and C (optional - if you'd like a third color).

02 Using Color Tags

Explained: When the color of a Color Tag changes, all the block pieces that are linked to that Color Tag will automatically change to that color as well.

Now that we've selected the overall quilt colors for this quilt and set them as color tags, let's use them by linking our color tags to the patchwork pieces in the Ribbon Star quilt block.

  1. Click on the 'Edit Block' button next to our Ribbon Star block.

  2. Imagine that we'd like to have 2 different colored ribbon corners. To do this, we'll need to change the colors in 2 of the diagonal corners.

    • Note: Because the block patches were linked to color tags A and B, the colors of our block have automatically been updated to Free Spirit 'Marigold' and Free Spirit 'Stargazer'.

  3. Click on 1 of the 3 pink (Stargazer) HSTs that make up the ribbon patches in the top right corner of the block.

  4. Click on the 'Link' button next to Color Tag C (Snapdragon).

    • Note: Now, the selected HST is now orange (Snapdragon)

  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until the 2 diagonal ribbon corners are relinked to Color Tag C.

    • TIP: If you want to change the Color Tag on all the remaining 5 HSTs at once, hold the shift button as you click on all the pieces.

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