04 Using Blocks in Quilt

// First PreQuilt Quilt //

Our Ribbon Star quilt progress:

Now that we have our block designed and colored the way we'd like, let's add the block to our quilt and see what it looks like!

01 Adding The Same Block to Entire Quilt

The easiest and fastest way to create our quilt is to add the same block to the entire quilt.

    • Note: All the cell blocks on the quilt grid will be selected and highlighted and outlined in blue.

  1. Click on the 'BLOCK' tab on the left side control panel. It will expand to show our quilt blocks. Then click on the 'Add To Quilt' button next to our Ribbon Star block.

  2. Now, the entire quilt grid is filled with the same Ribbon Star block.

    • Note: You can see that the Ribbon Star block is used 25 times in this quilt.

02 Creating an Additional Block Variation

Now that we have a nice starting point with our quilt. Let's imagine that we wanted to add another block to this quilt. In this example, I'd like to add the same block design, but using different colors.

  1. First, we'll need to clone (duplicate/copy) the quilt block. To do this, click on the three dots beside the Ribbon Star block and click on 'Clone' from the dropdown menu.

  2. Now, you'll see a second block, called 'Ribbon Star (2)'. Click on the 'Edit Block' button next to this cloned block. The Block Editor window will expand.

  3. Click on one of the pink HSTs to select it. The Color Tag panel will reveal itself.

    • Alert: In this example, I'm going to change the color of the pink pieces to blue pieces. BUT I'm not going to change the color of Color Tag A -- I'm going to add a new Color Tag that will be blue.

  4. Click on the 'Create Color Tag' button. A new color tag, Color Tag D (baby pink) will be created.

  5. Click on the 'Edit' button next to Color Tag D and select the new color for Color Tag D (in this example, I chose Free Spirit Cloud). The new color will automatically be saved and the panel will collapse and close.

  6. Now let's change all the color on all the remaining pink HSTs -- While holding down on the shift button on your keyboard, select all the remaining pink HSTs by clicking on them. Then click on the 'Link' button next to Color Tag D.

    • Note: All the remaining pink HSTs will now be colored using Color Tag D.

  7. Then 'Save to Quilt'.

  8. Now we have 2 different Ribbon Star blocks. But as of now, only the pink and orange Ribbon Star is being used in the quilt grid.

03 Adding Additional Block to the Quilt

There are lots of different ways to add blocks to the quilt grid. You can add blocks one at a time by selecting a cell block and then adding a quilt block to it. As in step 01, you can select all cell blocks and then add a block to every cell block. Or you can use the quick selection tool to select certain blocks and then add a block to only those cells.

  1. In this example, I'm going to click on the 'Checker Odd' option from the dropdown menu.

  2. To add a new block to the selected cell blocks, click on the 'Add To Quilt' button next to the Ribbon Star (2) block.

    • Note: Now every other block now has the orange and blue Ribbon Star block.

  3. Save your work! Click on the 'Save' button on the central Toolbar. If you're still working on your quilt, click on 'Save' on the dropdown menu.

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