02 Panel Quilt Math

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TIP: Measure your panel (width & height) - it helps get the ball rolling.

Do the quilt math

Now that you have your quilt panel loaded and ready to use in PreQuilt, the next step is to create your quilt grid using a common denominator of block size. Here's where a little quilt math comes in handy!

So, for example, our quilt panel from Paintbrush Studio (Step 1a) measures 32" wide by 40" tall. And if I wanted blocks around the panel, what size would those blocks need to be? One answer could be 4" blocks (because you can divide 32 by 4 and 40 by 4). Another answer could be 8" blocks, both work. But since I'd rather have smaller blocks, I'll use 4" blocks.

Now that we've decided on 4" blocks, how many of those blocks make up our 32" x 40" panel? Well, we'll need 8 x 4" blocks wide (32/4=8) and 10 x 4" blocks tall (40/4=10). Okay, now we have everything we need to build out our quilt grid.

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