03 Panel Quilt Grid

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Create the quilt grid

Now that you have the math figured out, let's create our quilt grid that will work with your panel using the correct sized cell blocks and the correct number of rows and columns.

  1. After measuring and deciding on your common block size, click on the QUILT tab in the PreQuilt Dashboard.

  2. Then click on 'Create Quilt' to start your panel quilt.

  3. In the pop-up, use the Rectangle Grid and change the size of your blocks (in this example to 4" square blocks) and click on 'Use This Grid'.

  4. Add the necessary number of columns or rows to your quilt grid to fit your panel and the border you'd like to have around the panel. In this example, I'll need to have 10 columns and 12 rows.

    1. Click on the GRID tab on the left hand control panel.

    2. Then change the number of columns or rows you'll need and click 'Update' to save.

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