05 Insert Panel

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Insert Panel

Now that we've created a block with the perfect dimensions for our panel, we can now add it to the quilt!

  1. Right click on our newly merged block and select Create Block 32 x 40 option.

  2. The Block Editor window will open automatically. Click on the square shape along the bottom of the block space.

  3. A grey square will be added to the block.

  4. The grey square now fills the entire 32 x 40 block space.

  5. On the left side control panel, click on the Static Prints tab.

  6. Click the Select button for our panel's fabric swatch.

  7. The panel's fabric swatch is now placed into the block.

  8. If you need to move the panel at all, you can use the control panel to shift the image from the top or the left side.

  9. You will now see the panel has been added to our merged block.

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