PreQuilt Glossary

We understand it's always difficult to learn something new. There's always a learning curve, a new vocabulary to learn. That's where we hope this glossary will come in handy!

Below, you'll find a very visually oriented glossary of all the terms we use regularly in this PreQuilt Help Guide and in our online YouTube tutorial videos.

If you find yourself confused because we've forgotten to include one, please don't hesitate to email us at and we'll be happy to help you out and add it here!


Block Editor

The Block Editor is a separate panel that is used for creating or editing quilt blocks. Within the editor, create and design custom quilt blocks. You can control the dimensions and use grid lines to help align patch shapes.

Block Editor Canvas

The Block Editor Canvas is the area upon which blocks are built and designed. It starts empty (transparent) and shapes can be added onto it to build a quilt block.

Block Library

The PreQuilt Block Library (also called PreQuilt Blocks) is a collection of common, prebuilt quilt blocks that can you imported into your quilt project. This grab and go resource is meant to help you save time, since you do not need to create everything from scratch.


Cell Block

We used spreadsheets as a source of inspiration when designing PreQuilt. So, a cell block is one of the boxes (or cells) in the quilt. In the image, the cell block is selected, which is indicated by its blue outline around the cell.


In PreQuilt, clone is our term for copy or duplicate. Why did we decide to use this term? The back story is that when we were quite small, we were a bit quirkier. On one of our very early betas, we used an illustration of a sheep as our copy button, and we called it the Clone button. Think Dolly circa 1996. Alas, people were confused - why was a sheep here? So we changed the icon, but we kept the terminology.

We discontinued the term Color Tags in October 2023. We apolgize for any confusion and for any instances that Color Tag is still being used instead of Fabric Link.

Coloring Page (also Digital Coloring Page)

A coloring page (also known as digital coloring page) is a Market Plan feature that allows your customers to change the colors and fabrics for one of your quilt patterns. This customization only affects their version of your quilt and enables them to preview your quilt pattern in their fabric choices. A call to action button (CTA) directs users to your online store or website to buy the pattern.

Control Panel

There are two types of control panels in PreQuilt. There's the Left-Side Control Panel that has tabs that expand. To get one to expand, click on the bar. The other tab will collapse.

And there's the Center Vertical Control Panel, which we call the Toolbar that has buttons. These are quick action buttons that are used often.


Cornerstones are the smaller blocks that are formed when two pieces of sashing cross one another.



The Dashboard in PreQuilt is main navigation page for all your custom content. There are currently 5 tabs on the dashboard: Quilts, Blocks, Fabric, Fabric Pull, and Add-Ons.


Fabric Dashboard

The Fabric Dashboard is a central location to store and organize all your printed fabric swatches. You can use folders to organize your printed fabric swatches.

PreQuilt developed Fabric Links as a way to associate a color to a quilt block piece or part of a quilt. The action of tagging a block piece with a Fabric Link links that fabric to that particular block piece. If the fabric of a Fabric Link changes, the fabrics used for all pieces associated with that Fabric Link will change as well. In the example below, the Fabric Link A was changed from black to pink.

Fabric Swatch (also Printed Fabric Swatch)

A Fabric Swatch, also called a Printed Fabric Swatch, is a digital image of fabric that can be imported into PreQuilt and applied to block designs in order to preview it. Many fabric manufacturers have digital fabric swatches available to the public on their website.



Gridlines are light blue guidelines that are only visible while editing or creating a quilt block. There are both horizontal and vertical grid lines that will equally divide the horizontal or vertical space in relation to the number of gridlines selected. In this example, there are 5 horizontal grid lines and 4 vertical gridlines that create equally divided rectangles in the block area.


Orphan Blocks

Orphan blocks are leftover or extra blocks that have not been used in a quilt. For a good use case for PreQuilt and your orphan blocks check out:

pageOrphan Block Quilts



The Toolbar is located next to the Left Side Control Panel is a vertical bar of buttons. These are meant to be quickly accessible buttons for commonly used actions.


Quilt Grid

The quilt grid is the area of space that contains the rows and columns of cell blocks. Currently, there are 3 different quilt grids: rectangular, on-point, and equilateral triangles.

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